Summer breaks review

It's been a little while since there was any "news". Therefore, it is time to give a small overview. In the background, a lot is going on and you should not stay in the dark.

What was

Collect the set

During the summer tour MarbleCards (or has started a collecting contest. It was good for the market and it was fun!

What do you have to do? "Hold a Gold card in every collection over 100 cards. Problem is, our degens have a hard time keeping track of over 1000 cards. So a few weeks ago I wrote a tool for all of you which shows the progress of your collection. Since the summer tour is slowly coming to an end, you should definitely take a look here.


Are you a Degen? Prove it! In cooperation with I have built a little tool that calculates your NFT degen status.
Since MarbleCards wants to launch bigger domains after the summer, this will be a piece of the puzzle. More coming soon ;-)


The summer tour is on, and just for this, I implemented the league system two months ago. Many of the players were a bit dissatisfied because the distribution of the cards is a bit unequal. New players have a hard time against old degens. For this reason, the league system was introduced for the summer tour.

I'm not completely satisfied yet, because this has opened up further problems. But more about this in the second part "What will be".

What will be

A lot is coming up and a lot is planned! From the beginning, my goal was to support MarbleCards (btw For example by providing tools that help or by expanding the MarbleCards universe with more stuff like MarbleClash.


To the outside, it could seem that MarbleClash is not going on anymore. But I can deny this with a good conscience. During my vacation, I contacted a designer who now has the task to create a concept that works for mobile and desktop. The rules are explained, everything important is discussed and the design process has been going on for a week.

The goal is to have MarbleClash running on mobile devices by the end of the year. MarbleClash on the Go, so to speak. When the first designs are ready you will be informed of course. :-)

Besides, the following things are planned

  • Deck Wizard
  • Demo Decks

As mentioned above, I am not completely happy with the league system. Because of the summer tour, we introduced a decrease in your points. I.e. if you don't play in certain intervals, you lose points in your rank. We have not considered, many are on vacation. Because of this, most of the players have leveled up again and are at the same level now. 

Here we are still trying to find a solution.


At the moment I am waiting for some answers here. Unfortunately, I have to rely on others to support the Polygon Chain. I can't always build everything myself and have to set priorities. Not that this is not technically feasible but blockchain data preparation is time-consuming. So we have to wait a bit until Polygon is fully supported.

If I have stable and reliable APIs then I will implement more ideas here.

Marble Store

As most people know MarbleClash is not my main job. For a few years, I'm developing an e-commerce system that is now ready to use and integrated into many systems. Since MarbleClash and the Degencheck still need some time and don't depend on my work, I will start to build up a fan store for MarbleCards and MarbleClash.

The future goal is very clear, the store also accepts MEM as currency.
At the start, this won't be feasible but I'll do everything I can, so you can do more with MEM!

You see, a lot is happening. If you have questions, suggestions, or criticism.
I am available 90% of the time in Discord. Just drop by and write in the #general.


Further News:
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