MarbleCards Arena

Everything you need to know about arenas and how to match your cards with others

What are arenas?

In arenas, you can have your cards matched with other cards. The better your card performs, the more you can earn XP and MEM.

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What are an arena season?

You can only place your cards in an active arena. At the moment there are always 4 arenas active. The #NiceCards arena is always running and here you can put your cards all year round.

The other three arenas alternate at different intervals. A season is how long an arena is active and that depends on the votes which are made in the arena.

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What's the point of putting my cards in an arena?

Once you earn XP and MEM. The longer a card is in an arena and holds on, the more XP and MEM you earn with that card. Additionally, the card can earn achievments. The more achievements a card has, the more valuable it becomes.

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What achievements exist?

There are 3 different achievments that a card can get after a season.

  • Rank 1: Champion
  • Rank 2 - 8: Elite
  • Rank 9 - 45: Challenger
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How are the achievments calculated?

Which achievement your card receives depends on how your card performs. It is not only important whether your card has reached rank 1, but also how your card performs during the entire season.

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How long does a season run?

Besides #NiceCards, all arenas have a kind of season time. A season depends on the votes that are taken in the arena.
The milestone steps can change over time. MarbleCards adjusts this depending on how many players are in the arena. As MarbleCards is becoming more and more popular, some seasons have already ended after 3 days. This should be avoided. A season should last at least one to two weeks.

The following milestones exist:

  • 20k votes (has currently changed to 25k)
  • 50k votes
  • 100k votes
  • 200k votes
  • (every 100k): 300k, 400k, 500k ... and so on

These milestones are not set in stone. As more users join in overtime, the rules are always adjusted a little here and there.

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