All about the MarbleCards Game. MarbleClash is an NFT Card Game, based on MarbleCards

What is MarbleClash?

MarbleClash is the first game based on the NFT MarbleCards. You can now play against other players with your MarbleCards!

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What do I need to participate in MarbleClash?

  • You need an account at MarbleCards
  • You need at least 10 cards
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Can I also play in the MarbleClash league?

Of course, you can. When a league is running, every player automatically joins the league. The important thing is that you need a username on

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How can I sign up for MarbleClash?

Since MarbleClash is currently still in beta status, there is no dedicated page for it yet. But this will come in the next weeks/months and the whole thing will be a bit easier. As long as MarbleClash is still in beta, you can register here

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Is there a tutorial on how I play?

The first thing you should do is put together a deck. How to do that exactly is explained here:

A good explanation of how the game works can be found here:

The whole thing will now be worked out in the next weeks and months and you will then find tutorials how what exactly works. If the links don't help you, just have a look at the Discord. We are happy to help.

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Is there play to earn?

MarbleClash gives you something to play MarbleClash. How cool is that?

The prizes will be distributed as follows:

  • Every day you have a chance to get 4 MBC
    • For one win you get 2 MBC
    • I.e. if you have two wins in one day you will get 4 MBC
  • I.e. a Season lasts 2 weeks, so you have the chance to get 56 MBC just by playing MarbleClash.
  • All payouts are made after the league ends
  • All payouts are made MarbleCards and not from MarbleClash
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How much card does a deck need?

A MarbleClash deck must have exactly 10 cards

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Why does my name not appear in the league?

You need to give your user a username. MarbleClash gets its usernames directly from If you don't have a username set, please go to and set a username. If you have done that and your user still does not appear, please contact dehenne on the Discord server

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What is a req?

A Req (Requirement) is a task that a card must fulfil in the game.

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What card requirements in a round are there in the game?

There are a number of different requirements that a card can meet.

Sorted alphabetically:

  • Achievement Yes
  • Card Attribute Gold
  • Card ID
    • Card ID Above
    • Card ID Lowest
    • Card ID Highest
    • Card ID Under
    • Card ID Closest
  • Card Level
    • Card Level Highest
    • Card Level Above
    • Card Level Closest
  • Card Title Number of rows
    • Card Title Number of rows 1
    • Card Title Number of rows 2
    • Card Title Number of rows 3
  • Collection ID
    • Collection ID Under
    • Collection ID Lowest
    • Collection ID Closest
  • Collection From (list to big)
  • Contain Letter [A-Z]
  • Contain Number [0-9]
  • Generation
    • Generation GEN0
    • Generation GEN1
    • Generation GEN2
  • One of the Card Labels
    • origin, genesis, phoenix, signed, edition
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Marble Cards as Browser Plugin

Find out immediately whether a URL is available as a card. The must-have for every Marble.Cards Fan!