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What is Memecoin and Memecoin Deposited?

What is Memecoin and Memecoin Deposited?

Memecoin (MEM) is a token that exists on Ethereum and the Polygon blockchain. MEM is used in MarbleCards and, among others. (Over time, other areas of application will follow.)

However, on MarbleCards and on you will still find a Memcoin Deposited. The difference with Memecoin is that these MEMs are deposited into a MetaTX contract at the Polygon Blockchain.

Contract addresses:


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How can I get MEM?

There are basically some ways to get MEM.

The easier way to get MEM is via Exchanges. The Memecoin is listed on some Exchanges, such as KuCoin or QuickSwap.

The more beautiful and funnier way is through contests. In Discord, there are countless ways to help the community or to be active. Many players give you a little MEM about tips here and there. Especially beginners are tried to make it easy.

A popular contest is for example to make more than 50 votes in an arena, post a screenshot in the arena Chanel and hope to win. Just take a look inside we are looking forward to seeing you.

BUT, the really cool way is to create NFT Cards at MarbleCards. With MarbleCards you can earn MEM through the arenas.

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What are the Token property?

  • Ticker: MEM
  • Contract: 0x42dbbd5ae373fea2fc320f62d44c058522bb3758
  • Decimals: 18
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What can I do with Memcoin?

The Memecoin is not just there. You can already do some things with it.

Besides exchanging and trading, there is a lot more possible.

For example, on you can create cards (How to create cards can be found for example here) and modify cards. On you can buy and trade mTokens and MarbleClash also has some plans for the next few months for it.

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Can I trade deposited Memecoin?

Yes and no.

Deposited Memecoin in itself you cannot trade because it is at the contract.
But you can withdraw it. For this, you have to do a KYC at MarbleCards.

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Marble Cards as Browser Plugin

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