Halloween Tournament 2021

Hello, dear Marbler. The summer tour is over and a new king(?) has been crowned. This was probably the longest tournament we have played so far.

In an exciting final bla_bla_bla and Incat faced each other.
Not to make it even more exciting, bla_bla_bla is and remains the new/old king.

Long live the king bla_bla_bla

But, after the tournament is of course before the tournament. As you can see we are trying out different constellations. Formats like the round-robin system or single elimination have been best received by the community here. Therefore we will keep these formats.

Halloween Tournament

Of course, we will organize a Halloween Tournament again this year. First, we will have a round-robin preliminary round, followed by a single-elimination.

However, we will make this tournament a bit more beginner-friendly. I.e. only cards above the ID 100.000 will be allowed in the Halloween tournament.

The start of the tournament is on the 25th of October. So you still have enough time to get your hands on cards or to marble.


There will be some prizes and POAPs again. We will mention more about this shortly.



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