MarbleClash Summer Tour Finals!

On 23 August the time had come. The end of the summer tour was initiated.Many matches were fought and we learned a lot again.

Congratulations to bla_bla_bla, Incat, Mickross and MalikaiiMask. 

In the final of the Royal League bla_bla_bla and Incat will face each other.
Besides, Mickross and MalikaiiMask will face each other in the Polygon League.

The date of the finals will be published in the next days.




Final Royal League

bla_bla_bla and Incat were far ahead in the Royal Liga and hard to catch up towards the end. 

The most active players here were bla_bla_bla, EkoSawyer and kuuzi!

Final Polygon League

The-Polygon-League. Our little baby for the newbies. The Polygon League was a bit of a headache for us. mickross was unstoppable and far ahead. However, due to the fact that few players were active here coupled with the points decreasing when not playing, the remaining players all leveled off.

Since we didn't have a real second player for the final, we decided to pick the player who had the most wins of the whole summer tour.

This resulted in the following final: Mickross and MalikaiiMask. 

The most active players were: Rile, MalikaiiMask and Mickross.

What did we learn?

MarbleClash was stable and we are eagerly waiting for the mobile version. There was a lot of playing here and there and at times the Discord chat was extremely lively. Unfortunately, then came the summer break and many were on vacation or busy with work, which at the end of one or the other, opponents were missing.

Therefore, we will not hold the next event as an open tournament and go back to the proven tournament system (for the events)..

Basically the two leagues were well thought but for the Polygon league we have unfortunately still too few players, that here an active player contingent was available. But here we already have a concept which should attract new players.

Well thought was the decrease of points when players have not played for a while. However, due to the vacation breaks and the missing players, a problem arose here, we suddenly had many players with the same points and in the Polygon League there was then no real second finalist.

Since we are going back to the old proven tournament system for the events, I will introduce weekly prizes for the Royal and Polygon league to attract new players. More about this in the next news :-)

I'll come up with something for all the players, since some have invested a lot of time. The Marble Team and I thank everyone for playing MarbleClash and we hope you had good exciting matches!

Thank you!


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