MarbleClash Season 2

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Horray, the first MarbleClash Season is over, and as it is said after the season is before the season.

I hope you have used the week break and created, changed, and upgraded new cards. Because be ready for the next MarbelClash Season.
Starting today, May 31, your games will count for the league again.

The last season was super successful and even exceeded our expectations. The final between Eko and Bla was exciting and both of them delivered a good clash.

Thanks again to all the players!

Season 2

Since we are still in the testing phase of MarbleClash, there will be a small change this season. Many players found it a bit hard to get started, Origin and Genesis cards still have an extreme advantage, and getting these cards is expensive. 

Therefore, we are going to do a test this season. We ask you to use only Matic cards. I.e. in this season, only cards with ID 60518 and higher are allowed. Of course, you can ask questions in Discord.

Please stick to the rules, so that we can run our test successfully. To make the filtering of the cards easier, I added new filters to the Deckbuilder and MarbleLex last week. Filtering between ETH and Matic / Polygon cards is now possible.


As last season there are rewards again

  • 2 mbc per win
  • maximum 4 mbc per day
  • Of course, there will be a final again:
    • The top 2 players face off in the final for a normal Origin card of choice


In the last week, I worked hard on the new website of MarbleClash and collected a lot of info and tutorials. MarbleClash gets its very own home. The goal is of course to make the start of MarbleClash as easy as possible. After all, this is done, the beta of MarbleClash will be launched.

Have fun with the Clash!


Further News:
  1. 6/26/21 – 13:00: MarbleClash Leagues
  2. 6/3/21 – 10:47: goes online
  3. 5/31/21 – 07:48: MarbleClash Season 2
  4. 5/9/21 – 17:00: Version 0.10
  5. 4/28/21 – 17:36: Version 0.9