Version 0.10!

With big steps, it goes forward. MarbleCardsInfo and MarbleClash is now in version 0.10.
What does that mean exactly? This update lays the foundation for the MarbleClash league but first, you get an overview of what's new. 

Deckmaster Filter

As mentioned in the last update, the MarbleLex was already extended by filters. Since the whole thing worked well and basically no big bugs appeared, these filters were now integrated into the Deckmaster.

So now you have the possibility to filter your deckbuilding by level, col, ID, and much more.


MarbleClash Generation Req

This update also brings a new card requirement to MarbleClash. From now on the new requirement Generation can appear in the game.

The following generations are available:

  • Gen0, Gen1, Gen2

Prepare your deck!

MarbleLex Twitter Gold Card Detection

As a good MarbleCards fan, I'm not telling you anything new, and you've probably already noticed this on our Twitter channel (MarbleCardsInfo). From time to time there are hints that new gold cards have been found.

To give the Twitter channel another added value, we implemented a little gimmick. The Twitter channel creates a social image for the gold cards and posts it directly on Twitter when the card is marbled. How cool is that?


MarbleClash Draw

Yes, the good old draw. In the tournament, it quickly became clear that a draw in a MarbleClash is unfavorable. With opponents of equal strength, it often happens that after 5 rounds no winner has been found. This is now a thing of the past.

If no winner is found after 5 rounds, the game continues. If there are no cards left in your hand, the hand is filled with your original deck and the 11th round starts. However, it is important to note that from the 5th round on, each round is decisive for victory.

Let's say you are playing with your opponent and you are in the 5th round. You and your opponent have the same amount of points. I.e. the 6th round begins. Whoever wins this round, wins the match. If the 6th round is tied, you go to the next round in the same pattern. Until one of you wins the round.

MarbleClash League


In cooperation with the MarbleCards Team, there will be a MarbleCards League! The league starts on 10 May!

The whole thing is of course a test and the length of the league may vary. So expect changes, not while a league is running, but after a league is finished we might change some things here and there.

Running of the MarbleClash league

  • A league will run for 2 weeks
  • After that, there will be a week break
  • The players of the league will get prizes
  • Everyone who is registered at MarbleCards and has entered a username can get prizes. No username = no prizes
  • Cheating is forbidden. period.
    • Double Accounts are not allowed
    • If you cheat, your account will be kicked, from all MarbleClash prizes/tournaments and promotions. 

Scoring system

We have orientated ourselves on chess and use the ELO rating system. Everyone starts with 2000 points. Depending on the strength of your opponents your rating will change. If you want to know more about ELO you can get some information here:

We have chosen the ELO system because it has been used successfully for over 50 years. Why not go for what is rated?


How does it work with the league? The whole thing is quite simple in principle. You can play as many games as you want. If you can't find a player online right now, just drop at the MarbleCards Discord Server and ask someone. With time, more players will come, and sooner or later you can just play a random match.

When the league is ending, ratings of the players will be reset and every player will start at 2000 points in the new league. A current table of the league can be found here: MarbleClash League.


The prizes will be distributed as follows:

  • Every day you have a chance to get 4 MBC
    • For one win you get 2 MBC
    • I.e. if you have two wins in one day you will get 4 MBC
  • After two weeks, when the league is over, 300 MBC will be distributed to the top 25% of players.
  • All payouts are made after the league ends

So it is worth playing. The next week I will expand the FAQ and I will record and answer all questions piece by piece.
If you have any questions or found any errors, feel free to write them to me



With the league, the next milestone is done and I hope you will have a lot of fun with it.

Happy Marbling and I hope we see each other at MarbleClash!


Further News:
  1. 6/3/21 – 10:47: goes online
  2. 5/31/21 – 07:48: MarbleClash Season 2
  3. 5/9/21 – 17:00: Version 0.10
  4. 4/28/21 – 17:36: Version 0.9