All about the Marble Cards Collectibles

What are Marble cards?

  • It’s a way to create and trade unique digital cards based on URLs
  • Every web page can only be marbled once and by one person only
  • Once a card is created, that URL is claimed forever
  • All Marble cards are non-fungible tokens built on Ethereum or Polygon Blockchain
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What is meta mask?

MetaMask is a cryptocurrency wallet & gateway to blockchain apps. You can see MetaMask as your wallet in the browser.

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What is a collectible?

A crypto-collectible is a one-of-a-kind non-fungible digital asset.

What?!? I know, ok, a little bit simpler:

Collectibles are unique digital goods that can be exchanged. Think of collectibles as a kind of object only in digital form. These objects can represent cards, things, images, and much more. Collectibles come in many varieties, the most famous are CryptoKitties or Cards like from Gods Unchained.

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How do I get my first card?

You are now equipped with Meta Mask and want to have your first card? Great!

On your way to a Marble Master, you have several possibilities to get cards. You can buy / auction cards, create cards yourself, or win cards.

Buy / auction cards

Let's start with the easier way. Buying cards by auction. On OpenSea you will find a wealth of cards. I think everyone can find something here.

Create cards

Yes, you can create your own cards! That's what's so cool about Marble Cards. You have to be aware of a few things. Not every URL is available at the moment.

With the Marble Plugin, you can quickly check which URL is still available. So first find a URL that is still available and for which you are able to create a card for it.

All further steps are explained under How to marble, how can I create a card?

Win cards

Marble Cards has many competitions, lotteries, and giveaways.
At the moment all this action is being held in the Discord. Just take a look at the Discord. Here you will find not only giveaways but also like-minded people :-)

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How to marble, how can I create a card?

You have found an URL that is available to marble as a card? Well, then let's go. For this, go to the following link:

Then insert your URL into the input field and click on the button "Check availability

How to create

All that you have to do is to follow the steps :-)

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Wrapped Marble Cards - Get Cards for little price

There is another way to get cards, the wrapped marble cards.

Wrapped marble cards are cards that other collectors no longer need. Here you can exchange your cards with the WrappedMarbleCards coin.

The whole thing works like this, You can exchange 1 WMC for any Marble card in the contract or vice versa.

How to use Wrapped Marble Cards

1. Copy the card ID of a card you want here:

2. Go to

3. Click the green button and connect your wallet.

4. Click the Give a WMC token, get a Marble Card button, and paste the ID of the card you chose.

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Are more sites gonna be added to marble?

Yes, there will definitely be other addresses that can be used for cards. At the moment one address is added every two weeks.

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Can I marble from Wikipedia?

No this is not possible at the moment. They're genesis cards. The first cards to be marbled... they are for prizes, tournaments, and something like that. This includes other addresses such as Twitter and YouTube. Such addresses will be enabled in the future but this will be done in a coordinated way and only when Marble Cards is running stable and the off-chain solution is available.

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I cannot submit my cards to the arena

In order to place cards in the arena, you must have set a username. Under "My Collection" next to your data you can edit your username. 

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Which blockchain does MarbleCards use?

Until 2020, MarbleCards was still using the ETH blockchain. Due to the high gas cost of ETH, at that time a card cost 0.05 ETH and higher. Due to the high transaction costs, the creation of cards was too expensive and therefore decided to use the Matic / Polygon Blockchain.

All new cards are now on the Matic / Polygon blockchain. So historically MarbleCards uses ETH and Matic / Polygon.

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How much does it cost to mint (create) a card?

Meanwhile, one card costs 3MEM. The ETH and Matic / Polygon / MBC times are over. :-)

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What is a collection release and how does that work?

MarbleCards tries to unlock a new Domain every two weeks. I.e. every two weeks a new Domain is added which you can use for new cards.

A collection release is a big event in the MarbleCards community and is usually accompanied by some airdrops on Discord. In addition, the community meets and marbles around the bet.

For the release of the new domain, 15UTC is mostly used as time. However, this time is not fixed and is always announced before the release starts. So keep your eyes open. 

For those who haven't experienced such an event yet, just drop by the Discord chat and watch what's going on.

How does this work?

  • The time when the new domain is available is fixed. From this time you can create cards with the new domain.
  • All marblers of course try to create cards as fast as possible so that the Col ID is as small as possible.
    Additionally, to get a gold card, the chance is very high at small Collection Ids.

This means a heavy run on the first cards arises

Card Queue

To prevent the server from crashing, a marble queue exists. The flow of the Marble Queue is something like this:

  • User click at the Send Button to marble the new URL
  • Marble Server checks the contract
    • Marble Server checks the URL and processing it
    • Marble Server process the image
    • The minting TX will be created

If all runs fine, the NFT creation will start. As you can imagine, with an event like this, the requests are many and the queue is huge. If an error occurs during the marbling process your request will be placed at the end of the queue and it will be tried further later.

For you, you need to be very lucky to get a card in the Col 100 range.

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Marble Cards as Browser Plugin

Find out immediately whether a URL is available as a card. The must-have for every Marble.Cards Fan!