All about the Marble Coin

What is MBC and RMBC?

MBC = Marblecoin, RMBC = Refined Marblecoins

With Marble Cards you have two "currencies" you can use. Once MBC and RMBC. MBC is the MarbleCoin token, which exists as an ETH token. This token is a real blockchain token and is on-chain exchangeable.

RMBC, Refined Marblecoins, on the other hand, is off-chain and not available on the Blockchain. If you want to learn more about it, you can find a blog post about it here: https://medium.com/marblecards/how-to-remarble-your-marble-cards-fb74f7f03b37

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How can I get MBC?

There are basically two ways to get MBC. The Uni Swap Exchange or participating in contests.

The easier way to get MBC is via the Uni Swap Exchange. Here you simply go to https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap, sign up via MetaMask and exchange whatever coin you have for MBC,

The more beautiful and funnier way is through contests. In the Discord, there are countless ways to help the community or to be active. Many players give you a little MBC about tips here and there. Especially beginners are tried to make it easy.

A popular contest is for example to make more than 50 votes in an arena, post a screenshot in the arena Chanel and hope to win. Just take a look inside we are looking forward to seeing you.

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What are the Token property?

  • Ticker: MBC
  • Contract: 0x8888889213DD4dA823EbDD1e235b09590633C150
  • Decimals: 18
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What can I do with RMBC?

As said before RMBC is the off-chain token. So that not everything has to run directly at the Blockchain, MarbleCards has introduced RMBC.
With RMBC you can remarble your cards for example. Later also the cropping of the pictures on the cards should be affordable. At some cards, you can also buy a Gification. 

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Can I trade RMBC?

Yes and no.

RMBC in itself you cannot trade because RMBC is an off-chain token. It is not available on the blockchain.
But you can convert RMBC to MBC. For this, you have to write to the discord and Johan.

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Marble Cards as Browser Plugin

Find out immediately whether a URL is available as a card. The must-have for every Marble.Cards Fan!